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We can manage your email marketing campaign by designing advertisements and newsletters and looking after sending them to to your customers and other subscribers. We are certified with Mailchimp in email Marketing. We are also experienced with Constant Contact.  So if you already have an account with one of these platforms we can work with the platform that you are registered and comfortable with. 

If you are not yet registered with a marketing platform we can help you get started.  Both Mailchimp and Constant Contact are good products and we can work with the one that you prefer.  

Mailchimp offers a free basic account that allows you to store 2,000 contacts and send 2,000 email per day and 10,000 per month.  So if you want to get started with a free account we can walk you through the enrollment process and let you know the difference in features between free and paid versions.

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What We Offer:

Managing & Preparing Emails:
  • Preparation of the entire email for you within the marketing platform and sending you a proof for your approval.
  • Help you segment your email list to fine target your campaign to the type of client you would like included in the email distribution.
  • Prepare email subject line and preview text recommendations. Good subject lines and preview text can improve email open rates. 
  • Personalize your email with mail merge options that will address each email by the recipient’s name.
  • Sync your email campaign with social media posts going out at the same time. A hyperlink to your newsletter can be included in the social media post.
  • Designing your Subscriber sign- up “Welcome” email automation.
  • Setting up more detailed email automations that depend on your subscribers’ actions or demographics.
Copywriting & Image Options:

We offer copywriting and can provide images for your email ads and newsletters.

 Image Options:
  • We can create custom images using Illustration or photography
  • Provide stock images or work with client provided images.
Subscriber Sign-up forms:

We can create your Subscriber Sign-up forms that can be embedded into your website, added to your Facebook page or designed to be used for your social media posts.

Email Scheduling & Campaign Reporting

We can manage the email sending and scheduling for you or teach you how to do it. 

Both Mailchimp and Constant Contact provide Campaign reports letting you know how your email performed.  It will provide both overall statistics and detailed information including who opened it, who didn’t, and who clicked on a link.  The reports are generated by the marketing platforms and can be accessed by you on the platform.

For clients that prefer us to email the reports to them, we can offer that service to you.  We also offer enhanced analysis and reporting by spending the time digging into all the data and preparing a summary of relevant facts.  So if you time is precious let us do the research for you. 

Call us today at (416) 778-0707 to get started with email marketing or for additional information.

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