Our client, Lianne Doucet is a life coach and professional home organizer. She came to us to re-brand her business with a new design.  She was using the brand name Authenticity 101 with the name representing an important tenet of her coaching sessions about living life authentically. She wanted a brand design that represented both her coaching and home organizing services.  During our client meetings it became clear to both her and us that to her clients’ “she is the brand” and that her own name should be primary with Authenticity 101 used a secondary brand name or slogan.

The resulting design consists of an icon that is based on a circle representing humanity with the shape ideologically suggesting inclusiveness and equality. At the same time, the circle also represents the client’s use of vision circles within her practice. The Integrated “L” within the circle represents the first letter of her personal brand. Her own handwritten signature forms the wordmark of her brand. The secondary name “Authenticity 101” is to be used as a slogan” The unique colour palette was influenced by colours found in nature and client preferences

Lianne Doucet: Handwritten

Authenticity: Century Gothic Regular.

Branding elements:

We developed in cooperation with our client a branding element to be used as a border for business cards, invoices, letterhead and an email signature. The resulting border is something personal that represents our client’s love for nature and it was created from a portion of a photograph of a forest that was taken by Lianne’s husband.

Range of Logo choices:

We developed for our client the following logos to choose from and for each theme different variations were presented.

The inspirations for our designs are our client’s passion for nature and love of earth tones, rust colours and antiques. She also likes clean lines, simplicity and clean fonts. Most of the design shapes are circular as we learned during pre-design meetings that circles resonate with her. Circles represent to her inclusiveness, equality and harmony.

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