We can turn your self shot business video into a professional looking advertisement. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression so let us help you get it right. Whether you are adding video to your website, planning to advertise in social media or preparing the video for a trade show we can help you.

We can add branding, titles  and information screens to any video, delete footage,  and video transitions . We can also add motion graphics .

Below are 2 examples of videos we edited. These are simple videos.

The first one was shot on a cell phone by the organizer of a charity golf tournament. We added branding, titles and information screens and transition effects.

The second video was one that we made to promote a watch face design we were selling on Samsung’s online store. We added branding, information screens, titles, transition effects, voice and music.

Here are videos we originally made to promote our own branding design services for an ad on elevator digital display screens.

“We have Solutions Tailored For You” ad

“Taking the time to do it right” ad

“Communicating your Business Personality” ad