One of things that we love to do is Illustration. We have the skill and experience to create just about anything. Whether you are looking for something realistic, abstract or cartoonish we can help you.  We handle projects for both digital and print formats.

Here is one of our projects where we were engaged to design a social media game to promote a movie. We did all the illustrations in-house and hired a supplier to provide the programming and animation.  Our Creative Design Manager had previous experience heading project teams developing interactive touch screen games for museums.

One of our strengths when it comes to Illustration is our attention to detail in ensuring that the animal we are drawing is anatomically correct.

Medical illustrations of course require a lot of research to ensure correct anatomical depiction. These were produced for pharmaceutical publications.

We often use digital Illustration for advertisements and other promotional materials.  Below are some samples of greeting cards and pharmaceutical advertisements we created using digital illustration.

Engage us to originate design concepts for your project or to render your vision into a finished design.