Mo-Klass is a business located in Guadalajara Mexico that designs and produces backpacks and other types of bags.  They came to us to design their brand logo.  In our discussions they wanted their branding to reflect their Mexican culture and heritage.  They expressed a fondness for Pre-Hispanic themes, natural elements from the region and animals. At the same time, they were also attracted to something fun and modern. Our logo designs took into account all these preferences and we offered logo options consistent with those desires.  One of those logo options was based an animal indigenous to Mexico called a Coati. It is part of the raccoon family but smaller, playful and cuter than a raccoon. Unlike raccoons they are active during the day.  Mo-Klass chose the Coati as their logo, here is the actual animal.

The Coati: Indigenous animal to Mexico that belongs the raccoon family

The logo designed for Mo-Klass 

The font we recommended and the client chose is called Briller Bold and matches our client’s attraction to fonts that are clean and modern.

We also offered colour variations and the client has applied different logo colours on the product that complement the particular colour of the bag.  We also helped develop a brand tagline in Spanish. We offered numerous options, and the client liked best “Una declaración de Estilio” which translates in English to a “Declaration of Style”.

Our client was delighted with the logo.

Here is our logo on the product,advertising , on labels and on packaging.

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