A good logo design gives your business or organization presence, a feeling of professionalism, makes you stand out from your competitors and is something memorable.

Creating a unique design involves researching your market and competition, having knowledge of your products and services and understanding your customers’ demographics. It is also important that the logo reflect the personality, taste and necessities of the entrepreneur or company it is being designed for.  All these elements are not taken into account by the design firms offering quick and cheap logos.

We have the knowledge and experience to offer you a professional approach to logo design taking into account all the aforementioned elements. Let us help you extend your brand beyond the logo through the development of an overall business visual identity.  This can include; consultations on colour schemes and typography and the creation of additional graphic elements.  We can create your stationery, marketing collateral and signage. We will provide you with a style guide and instructions on how to apply your brand elements in a correct and consistent manner.

Our systematized approach allows us to create something exclusive and personalized to identify your business, product and services. We are serious about the importance of branding and take the time to do it right.

Our Logo Design Process :

Involves getting to know our client and their business through in-depth face to face meetings and where client preferences, requirements and feedback are integral parts of the process.  We will research your market, competitors and niche.  We will develop numerous logo designs to select from.  We will deliver your logo in multiple formats, orientations and colours together with a style guide.

To know more about our process have a look at some of the Case Studies.